Monday, 21 October 2013

Nigella Lawson and her publicist Mark Hutchinson have committed a massive fraud on the British Public

By pedalling the story that Charles Saatchi accepted a Police Caution for assault as evidence that Nigella Lawson somehow suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson have committed a massive fraud on the British public.

Make no bones about it, this is indeed the story she is pedalling. In my third letter from Nigella Lawson’s lawyers Schillings (on 4th October 2013) threatening to sue me for defamation, they state ‘this is the third time we have written to you since Charles Saatchi accepted a police caution for assault following his actions at Scott’s of Mayfair’. For some strange reason, Schillings won’t actually sue me despite threatening to do so ‘with immediate effect’ three times.

The back story to the truth about the Scotts incident starts at home.

Nigella Lawson shockingly allowed her kids from early teens to smoke cannabis and take cocaine. Facebook images of Mimi and Bruno Diamond smoking dope have been retrieved. A picture also existed on Facebook of Mimi appearing to do a line of cocaine, which was removed by Nigella Lawson. Drug dealers even used to visit the Saatchi household. Nigella gave her kids money to buy her, Mimi and Bruno cannabis which they generally smoked together around 9pm each night. Household staff prepared the drugs (in the form of spliffs) for their consumption. A fragrance machine was installed in the house by Nigella to disguise the marijuana aromas.

Nigella Lawson kept this ‘double life’ well hidden from Charles Saatchi who is extremely anti-drugs.

This has come to light from household members of staff and parents of children that were friends with Nigella’s children and people close to the couple.

Nigella Lawson, like many other abusers in the public eye, has used money in the form of lawyers, to gag the British media from telling the truth.

The story from her closest aides of 12 years Elizabetta and Francesca Grillo has been quashed and denied by Nigella Lawson’s lawyers, Schillings. The British media were put ‘on notice’ by Schillings not repeat any of the revelations.

Rather than issue a statement after the incident at Scotts, as agreed, Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson said nothing - making the public believe that Charles Saatchi had committed an act of physical abuse - rather than the truth - that he was examining Nigella Lawson’s nostrils for cocaine and holding her throat to assist her focus and regain attention after she made more than one trip to the toilets away from the table outside Scotts where they were both sitting for a cigarette.

Clearly Hutchinson and Lawson would not go so far in their statement (which they promised to, but never sent) as stating the full gory facts of what was really going on, but they were to at least verify that Charles Saatchi was in no way physically abusing her in any of the pictures and he infact has never physically abused her ever. Far from it. Nigella Lawson confirmed that nothing untoward was going on to the Police, but curiously, wouldn’t say anything to the media.

Knowing that a paparazzi on the street was capturing the embarrassing scenes at an outside table at Scotts where the couple sat for a cigarette, Nigella Lawson feigned distress for the camera so it might look like an attack rather than a drug melt down. She is even seen in several pictures looking straight into the camera, fully aware of how the pictures might and need to look.

Charles Saatchi, according to all eye witnesses and close sources, was protecting Nigella Lawson and shielding her by accepting a Police caution so the scrutiny would quickly go away about what really lay behind the pictures at Scotts. The Police were under a lot of pressure from the media to take swift action.

At that point, Mr. Saatchi thought they were still happily married and he was doing what any husband would do.

Nigella Lawson used it as an opportunity to end the marriage and play the victim card for all the world to see by saying nothing whatsoever. Her silence spoke volumes.

Is it any surprise that Charles Saatchi blamed Mark Hutchinson, her publicist, who advised her to ‘say nothing’, as central to the sudden collapse of his marriage to Nigella Lawson? Hutchinson, in damage control mode, was pulling the strings. But pulling them a bit too far.

As if to try and bury a body in the sea, Hutchinson started placing a multitude of smear stories about Charles Saatchi in mainly the Mirror Group of titles using the disguise of Source/Friends about the bad character of Charles Saatchi, to ‘work backwards’ and somehow justify and create a type of logic around the so-called ‘abuse pictures’. ‘Charles would never eat Nigella’s cooking’ appeared. ‘Charles hated Nigella’s son Bruno’ appeared in the Mirror. ‘The throttling was because Charles sacked Nigella’s closest aides Francesca and Elizabetta Grillo’ appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson had a prior agreement with the paparazzi Jean Paul (real name Joe Sene) that his fantastical version of events would not be questioned by the pair.

Sene got to use his unquestioned “abuse story” which helped sell his pictures worldwide for big bucks rather than the truth, that “Nigella Lawson was off her head on drugs”. To accompany his pictures, Sene wrote a self by-lined article (23rd June 2013) describing how he witnessed ‘27 minutes of madness…. That’s how long the abuse lasted from start to finish’ and ‘It happened in public so it is so worrying to think about what might happen at home where nobody else can see’. However, analysis by The Sun newspaper of time sequenced photographs from Sene shows that was simply not the case. There was no 27 minutes of sustained attack. This was a total lie.

Nigella Lawson must come clean and admit the truth to the world that the ‘Domestic Abuse Goddess’ act is a cover-up for a more career and family shattering scenario that she has a serious drugs problem.

Drugs destroy families.

This, quite bluntly, is one of those sorry stories.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Google Snaps Up Gesture-Recognition Startup Flutter

Google acquires yet another utility App. This time, it’s Flutter, the San-Francisco-based company which enables the use of hand gestures to control apps such as iTunes and Netflix. Flutter App employs built-in Webcams to recognise hand gestures, allowing users to control the playback of music and video with hand movements.

"Today, we are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our research at Google. We share Google's passion for 10x thinking, and we're excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey," Flutter CEO Navneet Dalal commented on the company website.

It’s speculated that Google will integrate the Flutter app into its ranges of Chromebook laptops and Nexus handheld devices - Google Glass, Android, etc. may soon be applying more Kinect-style gesture features!

Hillgrove PR understands that the speculation assumes importance as the gesture recognition is currently used by some of Google’s prominent competitors.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Hillgrove PR Has Learnt About Straight Eight Logistics’ Participation in the Manchester Classic Car Show

“Straight Eight Logistics have teamed up with the Manchester Classic Car Show to provide flexible and reliable transport for vehicles to the show at Event City this September,” the company website stated.

The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show has all the elements to thrill classic motoring enthusiasts: incredible array of classic cars, trade stands, restoration specialists, auto-jumble, special guests, live workshop demonstrations, concours competition and live action.

Straight Eight Logistics, who courier classic cars to the UK, EU and world at large have given Hillgrove PR the brief to raise its profile.

Richard Hillgrove, founder of Hillgrove PR says, “There are not many companies like Straight Eight Logistics and classic cars have become increasingly fashionable recently. Raising the profile of this company will help classic car enthusiasts to take advantage of their fantastic services.”

Monday, 5 August 2013


The Mirror group are complicit in a slur against Charles Saatchi by suggesting ‘throat grab’ pictures they paid £14,000 for a front cover story for the Sunday People (16th June 2013) were of Charles Saatchi abusing Nigella Lawson in a '27 minute sustained attack'.

This wholly inaccurate picture set is pure fantasy and damaging in the extreme to Mr. Saatchi’s reputation.

Firstly the Sunday People ran pictures supplied by the anonymous photographer known as ‘Jean Paul’. In actual fact he is the former CEO of bankrupt Big Pictures, the celebrity picture agency famed for it’s set-up celebrity pictures.


Jean Paul invented a preposterous story to go with the pictures suggesting he witnessed “27 minutes of madness’ and it was a ‘sustained attack’, which is totally false.

Jean Paul’s self-by-lined article for the Sunday People and published on the 27th June 2013 says:

·         “I kept taking pictures and there were 27 minutes of it, 27 minutes of abuse”.
·         “What I saw outside the restaurant isn’t something you can brush under the carpet”.
·         “It is disgusting that people think the Nigella assault was such a short event”.
·         “People have asked why I didn’t intervene ….. The best thing I could do was carry on taking the pictures because now everyone can see that Charles Saatchi is an abuser”.
·         “It was shocking”.
·         “The first time her head jolted backwards really got me”.
·         “… It would have hurt Nigella immensely. She has grown up with abuse, a really sad scenario”.
·         “She can’t go back to him now without losing the respect of so many people”.
·         “People have asked why I didn’t intervene, why I didn’t go over. The answer is simple – I would have been arrested. I’m paparazzi so everyone hates you to begin with”.

Firstly, the table where the so-called ‘attack’ happened was outside Scotts in full view of photographers, customers, waiters and restaurant management and Mr. Saatchi and Nigella Lawson only sat at the outside table twice for a maximum of 7 or 8  minutes each time for a brief cigarette before returning each time to their table inside for their food.

There was no 27 minute ‘sustained attack’ where Nigella Lawson’s ‘head jolted backwards’ as Jean-Paul describes in his article in the Sunday People. This is a lie.

Jean-Paul’s fantastical account is totally invented for the purposes of inflating the syndication price for the images worldwide.

As Jean-Paul’s self-by-lined article in the Sunday People on the 27th June 2013 states:

·         “It has been a crazy week, people are still buying the pictures. Hearing that they have been seen all over the world is so special. I don’t think this will ever go away”.

‘Tactile’ Mr. Saatchi has dined with Nigella Lawson at Scotts multiple times over the years and sat at the same table outside for a cigarette, which he is well aware is probably the most photographed celebrity restaurant in the world.

Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson are constantly photographed in a variety of theatrical poses at Scotts covering each other’s mouths, Saatchi cleaning Lawson’s teeth. Cleaning Lawson’s nose. Lawson holding Saatchi’s jaw. They have always been this way with each other. It’s theatre.


After the so-called ‘throat grab’ incident and after Mr. Saatchi accepted a Police caution to avoid the false accusation escalating, The Daily Mirror shamefully published a cover on the 18th June 2013 – NOT running ‘throat grab’ photographs from Jean Paul (taken on the 9th June 2013) but instead a much older stock library image by a different photographer taken in April 2013 – where as part of fun and games Mr. Saatchi theatrically covers Nigella Lawson’s mouth with his hand.

The Daily Mirror falsely claim this picture was taken from a‘previous row’ between Mr. Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.

This is a total invention and lies.

Then still with the Mirror Group…

On the 7th July 2013 the Daily Mirror ran a story stating that Nigella ‘has invited the art tycoon’s daughter Phoebe to join her and her own children Cosima and Bruno at her rented LA property’.

Sources close to Nigella say these lies ‘had nothing to do with them’. So why is the Mirror publishing made up stories?

This photograph was taken at Scotts on the 8th April 2013 – over 2 months BEFORE the ‘throat grab’ pictures

The copyright is a picture agency called Tepelar.

The photograph was playful and there was no accusations of a row at the time it was taken.


Nigella Lawson’s Publicist Mark Hutchinson wrongfully advised Nigella Lawson to ‘say nothing’ about the true context of the pictures and remain silent.

Because Nigella Lawson told the police there was nothing to it – but said nothing to the British or American media whatsoever, she and Mark Hutchinson allowed the pictures to ‘speak for themselves’. Coupled with the lies of Jean Paul’s article talking of ‘27 minutes of sustained attack’ the horrendous lies and damage was done by the images.

This is why Mr. Saatchi has cited Nigella Lawson’s publicist Mark Hutchinson as the fundamental cause of his divorce.

Hutchinson and Lawson both sat back and said nothing – because the pictures worked better with the distorted lies surrounding the ‘wife beater’ narrative that they were cynically engineering to achieve global fame.


The Mirror, clearly well and truly in bed with Lawson’s publicist Mark Hutchinson, then ran a story on the 27th July 2013 stating she had been spotted out with Pierce Brosnan at Baglioni, and ‘James Bond’ was consoling her from the made-up throat grab incident, which is total lies.

The Mirror Group must apologise to Mr. Saatchi for the damage they have caused with the slurs they have made on his good name.

Friday, 2 August 2013


‘AnonymousThroat grab photographer’ is not  an ‘Opportunistic Paparazzi’ – but the former CEO ofbankrupt Big Pictures, famed for their ‘set-up’ celebrity paparazzi shots with the likes of Jordan & Peter Andre, Abi Titmuss

It has widely been speculated that Nigella Lawson was involved in a 3-way set up of Charles Saatchi with the former CEO of bankrupt celebrity picture agency Big Pictures working from a tip off from the redundant former Assistant Editor (Features) of the Mail on Sunday, Sian James, who allegedly happened to be sitting in Scotts restaurant in Mayfair on the day of the set up next to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi on the 9th June 2013.

‘Tactile’ Mr. Saatchi went with Nigella Lawson to an outside table at Scotts for a ‘quick cigarette’on two occasions during their meal for a maximum of 10 minutes each time where Nigella Lawson pretended to be‘worse than drunk’ and ‘out of it’ according to sources at the restaurant witnessing what happened.

There was no ‘27 minutes of attack’ as alleged by anonymous photographer ‘Jean Paul’ as Scotts restaurant will confirm, as the pair only sat at the outside table for a cigarette twice and for a maximum of 10 minutes each time.

The supposed ‘paparazzi photographer’ – who hides behind the fake identity of  ‘Jean Paul’-  foolishly wrote a self-by-lined article the week after the pictures ran in the Sunday People (27th June 2013) falsely claiming he witnessed a 27 minute ‘attack’ by Mr. Saatchi and noticed it after Nigella Lawson’s head ‘jolted back’ before he started snapping the alleged ‘attack’.

Waiters, management and customers at Scotts would not allow a high profile customer to be throttled in the outside dining area of Scotts onMount Street, Mayfair whilst continuing to serve drinks. Scotts are not complicit in the fake abuse scandal. Nor would Scotts allow someone like Nigella Lawson to suffer from sustained abuse whilst continuing to serve other customers. Because there simply was no abuse.  This is fake.

The timeline, context and‘Jean-Paul’s’ version of events is a total invention for the purposes of selling the fake pictures for a large fee internationally.

Nigella Lawson feigned distressed for Jean-Paul’s camera whilst presenting Mr. Saatchi with behaviour that was disturbing and distressful in the extreme. Delicately holding her right hand, Mr. Saatchi with his left hand, and in typical ‘tactile’ style held her head to ‘bring her back’ ‘jig her back’ as he was very concerned about her deteriorating, highly concerning, erratic behaviour.

The so-called sustained ‘27 minute attack’ according to anonymous paparazzi ‘Jean-Paul’ is an invention and a total lie.

‘Jean Paul’ would have been better off remaining quiet rather than embellishing and adding lunacy to his version of events in order to command a bigger fee. The Sunday People paid £14,000 for the exclusive picture set which became a front cover story on 16th June 2013 after the pictures were turned down by the likes of The Sun newspaper because Jean Paul was looking for so much money for them.

The Mirror Group (owners of the Sunday People)MUST APOLOGISE for running the pictures and then damage caused to Charles Saatchi and then following up the story in the Mirror with a story about Nigella Lawson comforted by James Bond (from the nasty Bond Villain) on 27th July 2013 titled ‘Nigella Lawson has been comforted by Pierce Brosnan over her marriage split hell’.

Married Pierce Brosnan will probably be horrified his ‘friendship’ with Nigella Lawson being abused by Nigella Lawson in an effort to paint herself as a victim of wife abuse from a nasty ‘Bond villain’ with ‘James Bond’ riding  in to comfort her and then ride off with her into the sunset.

If Nigella Lawson was dating a footballer she could probably get away with this made up lunacy, but she’s tried to media manipulate her way out of a 10 year marriage to one of the key figures in the media world as a way to get out of a marriage that has been on the rocks for over a year according to sources.

Nigella, not wanting to be single for even a minute, probably wanted to create the perfect bridge from her 10 year marriage to Charles Saatchi and straight into the arms of ‘James Bond’. She behaved this way when she orchestrated and began an affair with Charles Saatchi 6 months before John Diamond died. No gaps in any relationship.

After the invented ‘throttling’ incident on 9th June 2013, but well before the pictures ran in the Sunday People on the 16th June 2013, Nigella Lawson happily went back to Scotts for a meal with Mr. Saatchi on Saturday 15th June 2013 and was seen happily sitting at the same table dining with Mr. Saatchi.

She wouldn’t do this if she was ‘in fear of her life’ after an alleged incident on the 9th June 2013.

She would have gone into hiding before the pictures ran and after the so-called incident.

On Sunday 16th June 2013, the Sunday People ran manipulated pictures – taken 8 days before.

If the motivation for Nigella Lawson to ‘go into hiding’ was indeed fear of attack from a ‘wife abuser’, why was she dining happily with him at Scotts a week after the so-called abuse. Because there was NO abuse. This is a total and utter lie.

Only after the pictures ran in the Sunday People Nigella Lawson ‘went to ground’ according to sources and will still not confirm to the media that there was absolutely nothing to it and it was a set-up.

Nigella Lawson was apparently advised by her agent/publicist Mark Thompson to ‘say nothing’ as her silence and lack of clarification would assist paint the picture of Charles Saatchi as a wife abuser and give her international sympathy and fame.

Ms. Lawson hoped that she would be an interview opportunity on Oprah on the proviso that Oprah would not ask her specific questions about the so-called abuse.

But there is no Oprah interview.

As well as a convenient exit from the marriage and quickie divorce from Mr. Saatchi, Ms. Lawson was well aware her show The Taste in the States did not rate very well and need a PR boost and she was looking to re-launch herself on Channel 4 in the U.K. since a break from 2006.

This whole exercise was totally on-brand from Nigella Lawson who has always wanted to paint herself as an abused Victim rather than ‘Monstrous Feminine’.

Nigella Lawson has cut off all communication with Saatchi accept via her lawyer.

Nigella Lawson has left her step daughter Phoebe distraught, who Lawson has been a mother to from the age of 7 according to sources. Nigella Lawson has not tried to communicate with Phoebe in over last 7 weeks and has cut off all communication.


Sunday 9th June 2013

Charles Saatchi was aware of ‘play’ for the paparazzi cameras at Scotts Restaurant in Mayfair which he has been going to with for Nigella Lawson for many years.

This is the highly photographed spot outside Scotts restaurant where people have a smoke – it is probably the most photographed spot by paparazzi photographers in the world – as it’s in full view of photographers.

The food they were eating was on an inside table not on the table of the alleged ‘throat grab’.

It’s always been just playful fun and games. Teeth cleaning. Nose cleaning. Hand over the mouth etc. It has always “looked” extreme, but it’s just simple gentle play.

They have ALWAYS been very tactile with each other.


Nigella Lawson was well aware of “Jean-Paul’s” camera looking straight into the lens on several occasions. Unfortunately Jean-Paul has uploaded all the images, rather than editing out all the ones where Nigella is directly looking at him.


Nigella Lawson’s behaviour was erratic and ‘worse than drunk’ according to sources. She almost seemed to be passing out..

Delicately holding Ms. Lawson’s hand, Mr. Saatchi puts his hand to her throat to ‘jig her back’ to ‘bring her back’. All the time he is comforting her by delicately holding her hand.

This went on for a matter of only a few minutes.

‘Tactile’ Mr. Saatchi removed a substance from Nigella Lawson’s nostrils. He was not wrenching, tweaking her nose. The ‘pained’ look was faked by Nigella Lawson for Jean-Paul’s camera.

Saturday 15th June 2013

On Saturday 15th June 2013, Nigella Lawson happily returns to Scotts Restaurant with Charles Saatchi and has a meal. There were not issues. She was relaxed and having a good time.

Sunday 16th June 2013

The Sunday People run pictures taken 8 days earlier on Sunday 9th June 2013 backed by a fake ‘witness account’ from Sian James, former Assistant Editor (Features) of the Mail on Sunday who has stated she was in the restautant with Nigella Lawson, witnessed the abuse and then ‘got on the phone’ to Jean-Paul who apparently drove across town and had time to position his car and witness ’27 minutes of sustained abuse’. This also implies that the abuse was going on outside the restaurant for much longer than just the 27 sustained minutes that ‘Jean-Paul’ witnessed. For Sian James to see something, call him and then him drive across town, position his camera and then snap away for 27 minutes without intervening in the so-called abuse suggests Scotts staff happily continued serving whilst Nigella Lawson was abused well over an hour. Total and utter fantasy and lies.

Sunday 16thJune 2013

Nigella Lawson goes into hiding and refuses to explain the truth behind the pictures to journalists. She only communicates to Saatchi through her lawyer.

 23rd June 2013

“Jean-Paul” the photographer gloats in his self written article in the Sunday People (the week after the original pictures run) by stating that he witnessed a sustained attack for over 27 minutes.

Lawson attack: Photographer Jean-Paul says he witnessed 27 MINUTES of madness
What I saw outside that restaurant isn’t something you can brush under the carpet, Jean-Paul writes for the Sunday People.
Charles Saatchi dismissed it as “nothing more than a playful tiff”. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg suggested it could have been a “fleeting thing”.
But what I witnessed was 27 minutes of madness, writes photographer Jean-Paul in the Sunday People after he took those shocking pictures.
That’s how long the abuse lasted from start to finish so it was most definitely not a fleeting moment.
It is disgusting that people think the Nigella assault was such a short event.
Nick Ferrari said on his LBC radio show the incident happened across just three pictures, which is utter nonsense.
What I saw outside that restaurant isn’t something you can brush under the carpet.
Nick Clegg is a moron if he thinks it was a fleeting moment. Nigella Lawson was abused, properly abused.
It happened in public so it is so worrying to think about what might happen at home where nobody else can see.
People have asked why I didn’t intervene, why I didn’t go over. The answer is simple – I would have been arrested. I’m paparazzi so everyone hates you to begin with.
We are all lumped into the same ­category but I wasn’t hounding her. The best thing I could do was carry on taking the ­pictures because now everyone can see that Charles Saatchi is an abuser. There is no doubt about that in those pictures.
It was shocking. The first time her head jolted backwards really got me. I didn’t take pictures initially.
I arrived and they were having a meal, I didn’t want to take pictures of people eating because I don’t think it’s good to do.
I thought OK, I will wait for them to finish, wait in my car then get a full-length pic of Nigella as she left.
I was sitting reading the paper but keeping an eye out to make sure I didn’t miss them leaving.
Then suddenly I saw Nigella’s head jolt backwards. I thought this is odd.
I put the camera up to my face to look through the lens and I saw his left hand on her throat so I started taking pictures.
From that moment on I kept taking pictures and there were 27 minutes of it, 27 minutes of abuse.
When I saw the very first pictures, I thought he can’t be doing this. I was in complete disbelief.
I said to myself this can’t be ­happening, it can’t be real. I thought he was just demonstrating something.
Then he put his hand down but after 30 seconds he put it up again and I knew it was painful. It must have really hurt.
He is a big man, it would have hurt Nigella immensely. She has grown up with abuse, a really sad scenario.
It was like she accepted what he was doing. I believe she really loves him and that there is no animosity there.
She can’t go back to him now without losing the respect of so many people.
It has been a crazy week, people are still buying the pictures.Hearing that they have been seen over the world is so special. I don’t think this will ever go away.
You’re never going to see this in public again.
I am proud, ­because as a photographer you want to be in the paper but you also want to take ­pictures that mean something, have some merit. And this will be talked about for year

 23rd July 2012

PR Guru Richard Hillgrove publishes a blog stating the pictures are fake.

 24th July 2012

Nigella Lawson threatens to sue Richard Hillgrove via Schillings, her lawyers unless he apologises, removes the post etc. Schillings also threaten every media outlet that publishes Richard Hillgrove’s contention that the pictures are fake.

Nigella Lawson instructs Schillings to threaten Richard Hillgrove with legal action.

This is the first communication anyone has had from Nigella Lawson since the pictures ran (as opposed to when the pictures were taken, afterwards she was fine) – who hadn’t even contacted her step daughter Phoebe.
30th July 2013

Richard Hillgrove callsKevin Lansdowne, restaurant manager of Scott’s, Mayfair (Tel. 020 7495 7309) about incident and version of events. He said Scotts will not make any comment on the version of events.