Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Apple Eying the Twitter Advantage – Hillgrove PR Exclusive

Opinion column from the Hillgrove PR news desk. Hillgrove PR, London analyses the influence of social media in today's world.

Apple Inc. are said to be planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars with Twitter, that’ll make this social micro-blogging site worth over $10 billion. A report in this tune has been published by The New York Times, even though Twitter and Apple Inc. have not officially confirmed it.

Apple may be looking to utilize the social media influence and better integrate Twitter into its latest products. Major companies such as the Apple can’t stay away any longer from the social media, which greatly influences people on what they buy and how they spend their time and money.

Business, social and entertainment industries in the internet world belong to a huge ocean where the smart fish traps the weaker ones! One has to be ahead of change to succeed. The Apple has a huge market of phones and tablets, and they sell applications, games, music and movies. Obviously, the social media networking sites and its millions of users are enviable markets for Apple Inc.

As a professional PR consultancy, Hillgrove PR has an excellent reputation for understanding the social media and its increasing control over a wide spectrum of audience in a local as well as global perspective. And we at Hillgrove PR are sure that Apple will be clinching a deal with Twitter or some other powerful social interaction media in the near future.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Penguin Flexes Its Muscles into the Self-Publishing Arena – From HillgrovePR News Desk

Hillgrove PR’s News wing looks into the latest trend where traditional book publishers are showing enthusiasm in the self-publishing sector.

Penguin has included self-publishing into its fold, latest media reports revealed. It has taken over Author Solutions Inc. (ASI), one of the largest self-publishing ventures in the world, for $116 million, which will now function as a separate entity under the Penguin umbrella.

This may boost book writing and more authors will now try out self-publishing with the patronage of a huge traditional book producer like Penguin. It’s sure that the Penguin Group’s control will also certainly raise the standard of self published books.

The self-publishing sector has the advantage of low-cost digital distribution and it has acquired great popularity these days with the exponential growth of social media and the participation of a massive global audience. The traditional book publishers are now looking to spread their wings over this huge audience base opened up by the social media.

Both the CEO’s of Penguin and ASI remarked that the deal paves way for the mainstreaming of self-publishing, all the way imparting Penguin with scalable data and expertise on self-publishing.

We at Hillgrove PR think that this could be the beginning of a new trend where other traditional book producers will follow the steps of the Penguin Group. And it is for the good of everyone – the writers, readers and the book publishing industry. As self-publishing merges with the traditional publishing, it’s expected that both will grow in a mutually beneficial way. 

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

“God particle” – the genius who predicted about it 48yrs ago!

In a great discovery in physics, the CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) scientists were successful in finding out a sub-atomic particle almost consistent with the Higgs boson alias God particle, believed to be a crucial building block that led to the formation of the universe, the media said.

Hinting at the infinite nature of the Universe, Richard Hillgrove, noted journalist, PR consultant and corporate brand promoter in the United Kingdom, wrote about this discovery, on Twitter (@richhillgrove): “#Physicists celebrate the discovery of #Higgs boson aka God particle. Great finding! But there will always be some unsolved secrets left with #God!”

When Higgs – then a 34 year-old physicist at Edinburgh University – first introduced a radical concept that an invisible field (God particle) strewn across space gave mass to the building blocks of the universe, the theory was ridiculed by many scientists. 

But, Higgs' critics laughed at him for failing to grasp the basic principles of physics! Now where are those critics- the mediocre minds who couldn't grasp the genius in Higgs? Please don’t attack somebody who may come up with strange theories because the universe is infinite, and what science knows about it is not even one percentage of the whole thing! Albert Einstein had rightly said that great spirits will have to face harsh opposition from mediocre minds…

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Who Owns Your Tweets, Yourself or the Social Media Site? - Hillgrove PR

News analysis about social media and the ownership of your posts, brought to by Hillgrove PR, London.

“Twitter’s terms of service make absolutely clear that its users ‘own’ their own content. Our filing with the court reaffirms our steadfast commitment to defending those rights for our users,” Twitter’s lawyer, Ben Lee, said during court hearings in a case involving a user arrested during an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.

Supporting the stand taken by Twitter, the American Civil Liberties Union commended Twitter for defending free speech rights of its users. But a US court has ordered Twitter to release old messages and details about the user, saying defendant’s privacy would not be violated if the tweets were handed over. “If you post a tweet, just like if you scream it out the window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy,” Judge Matthew Sciarrino wrote in his decision, according to a news report by BBC on 2nd July 2012.

The Twitter company was disappointed with the court ruling. The social networking site tried to convince the court that it misunderstood how the Twitter service worked. The BBC news service reported that Twitter said the Stored Communications Act gave its members the right to challenge requests for information on their user history, and that it did not want to take on legal battles that its users could pursue independently. But the court seemed not impressed with the arguments made by Twitter and this latest ruling is sure to become an important law point concerning such cases in the future.

Recently another social networking site, the Facebook, encountered legal suits against the way it uses its ‘Like’ button where its users were automatically becoming unpaid sponsors or promoters when they click Like on a product or service advertised by Facebook. The Facebook has then agreed to give a chance or option to its users to decline the opportunity to be unpaid endorsers.

Taking into account the large-scale popularity the social media enjoys today, Hillgrove PR stands firm with the point that the governments around the world will have to formulate clear-cut rules and regulations on issues like privacy of individual users, exploitation of the users by advertising giants and also illegal utilization of this media by antisocial elements.

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