Wednesday, 11 July 2012

“God particle” – the genius who predicted about it 48yrs ago!

In a great discovery in physics, the CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) scientists were successful in finding out a sub-atomic particle almost consistent with the Higgs boson alias God particle, believed to be a crucial building block that led to the formation of the universe, the media said.

Hinting at the infinite nature of the Universe, Richard Hillgrove, noted journalist, PR consultant and corporate brand promoter in the United Kingdom, wrote about this discovery, on Twitter (@richhillgrove): “#Physicists celebrate the discovery of #Higgs boson aka God particle. Great finding! But there will always be some unsolved secrets left with #God!”

When Higgs – then a 34 year-old physicist at Edinburgh University – first introduced a radical concept that an invisible field (God particle) strewn across space gave mass to the building blocks of the universe, the theory was ridiculed by many scientists. 

But, Higgs' critics laughed at him for failing to grasp the basic principles of physics! Now where are those critics- the mediocre minds who couldn't grasp the genius in Higgs? Please don’t attack somebody who may come up with strange theories because the universe is infinite, and what science knows about it is not even one percentage of the whole thing! Albert Einstein had rightly said that great spirits will have to face harsh opposition from mediocre minds…

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