Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Apple Eying the Twitter Advantage – Hillgrove PR Exclusive

Opinion column from the Hillgrove PR news desk. Hillgrove PR, London analyses the influence of social media in today's world.

Apple Inc. are said to be planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars with Twitter, that’ll make this social micro-blogging site worth over $10 billion. A report in this tune has been published by The New York Times, even though Twitter and Apple Inc. have not officially confirmed it.

Apple may be looking to utilize the social media influence and better integrate Twitter into its latest products. Major companies such as the Apple can’t stay away any longer from the social media, which greatly influences people on what they buy and how they spend their time and money.

Business, social and entertainment industries in the internet world belong to a huge ocean where the smart fish traps the weaker ones! One has to be ahead of change to succeed. The Apple has a huge market of phones and tablets, and they sell applications, games, music and movies. Obviously, the social media networking sites and its millions of users are enviable markets for Apple Inc.

As a professional PR consultancy, Hillgrove PR has an excellent reputation for understanding the social media and its increasing control over a wide spectrum of audience in a local as well as global perspective. And we at Hillgrove PR are sure that Apple will be clinching a deal with Twitter or some other powerful social interaction media in the near future.

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