Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Penguin Flexes Its Muscles into the Self-Publishing Arena – From HillgrovePR News Desk

Hillgrove PR’s News wing looks into the latest trend where traditional book publishers are showing enthusiasm in the self-publishing sector.

Penguin has included self-publishing into its fold, latest media reports revealed. It has taken over Author Solutions Inc. (ASI), one of the largest self-publishing ventures in the world, for $116 million, which will now function as a separate entity under the Penguin umbrella.

This may boost book writing and more authors will now try out self-publishing with the patronage of a huge traditional book producer like Penguin. It’s sure that the Penguin Group’s control will also certainly raise the standard of self published books.

The self-publishing sector has the advantage of low-cost digital distribution and it has acquired great popularity these days with the exponential growth of social media and the participation of a massive global audience. The traditional book publishers are now looking to spread their wings over this huge audience base opened up by the social media.

Both the CEO’s of Penguin and ASI remarked that the deal paves way for the mainstreaming of self-publishing, all the way imparting Penguin with scalable data and expertise on self-publishing.

We at Hillgrove PR think that this could be the beginning of a new trend where other traditional book producers will follow the steps of the Penguin Group. And it is for the good of everyone – the writers, readers and the book publishing industry. As self-publishing merges with the traditional publishing, it’s expected that both will grow in a mutually beneficial way. 

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