Monday, 21 October 2013

Nigella Lawson and her publicist Mark Hutchinson have committed a massive fraud on the British Public

By pedalling the story that Charles Saatchi accepted a Police Caution for assault as evidence that Nigella Lawson somehow suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson have committed a massive fraud on the British public.

Make no bones about it, this is indeed the story she is pedalling. In my third letter from Nigella Lawson’s lawyers Schillings (on 4th October 2013) threatening to sue me for defamation, they state ‘this is the third time we have written to you since Charles Saatchi accepted a police caution for assault following his actions at Scott’s of Mayfair’. For some strange reason, Schillings won’t actually sue me despite threatening to do so ‘with immediate effect’ three times.

The back story to the truth about the Scotts incident starts at home.

Nigella Lawson shockingly allowed her kids from early teens to smoke cannabis and take cocaine. Facebook images of Mimi and Bruno Diamond smoking dope have been retrieved. A picture also existed on Facebook of Mimi appearing to do a line of cocaine, which was removed by Nigella Lawson. Drug dealers even used to visit the Saatchi household. Nigella gave her kids money to buy her, Mimi and Bruno cannabis which they generally smoked together around 9pm each night. Household staff prepared the drugs (in the form of spliffs) for their consumption. A fragrance machine was installed in the house by Nigella to disguise the marijuana aromas.

Nigella Lawson kept this ‘double life’ well hidden from Charles Saatchi who is extremely anti-drugs.

This has come to light from household members of staff and parents of children that were friends with Nigella’s children and people close to the couple.

Nigella Lawson, like many other abusers in the public eye, has used money in the form of lawyers, to gag the British media from telling the truth.

The story from her closest aides of 12 years Elizabetta and Francesca Grillo has been quashed and denied by Nigella Lawson’s lawyers, Schillings. The British media were put ‘on notice’ by Schillings not repeat any of the revelations.

Rather than issue a statement after the incident at Scotts, as agreed, Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson said nothing - making the public believe that Charles Saatchi had committed an act of physical abuse - rather than the truth - that he was examining Nigella Lawson’s nostrils for cocaine and holding her throat to assist her focus and regain attention after she made more than one trip to the toilets away from the table outside Scotts where they were both sitting for a cigarette.

Clearly Hutchinson and Lawson would not go so far in their statement (which they promised to, but never sent) as stating the full gory facts of what was really going on, but they were to at least verify that Charles Saatchi was in no way physically abusing her in any of the pictures and he infact has never physically abused her ever. Far from it. Nigella Lawson confirmed that nothing untoward was going on to the Police, but curiously, wouldn’t say anything to the media.

Knowing that a paparazzi on the street was capturing the embarrassing scenes at an outside table at Scotts where the couple sat for a cigarette, Nigella Lawson feigned distress for the camera so it might look like an attack rather than a drug melt down. She is even seen in several pictures looking straight into the camera, fully aware of how the pictures might and need to look.

Charles Saatchi, according to all eye witnesses and close sources, was protecting Nigella Lawson and shielding her by accepting a Police caution so the scrutiny would quickly go away about what really lay behind the pictures at Scotts. The Police were under a lot of pressure from the media to take swift action.

At that point, Mr. Saatchi thought they were still happily married and he was doing what any husband would do.

Nigella Lawson used it as an opportunity to end the marriage and play the victim card for all the world to see by saying nothing whatsoever. Her silence spoke volumes.

Is it any surprise that Charles Saatchi blamed Mark Hutchinson, her publicist, who advised her to ‘say nothing’, as central to the sudden collapse of his marriage to Nigella Lawson? Hutchinson, in damage control mode, was pulling the strings. But pulling them a bit too far.

As if to try and bury a body in the sea, Hutchinson started placing a multitude of smear stories about Charles Saatchi in mainly the Mirror Group of titles using the disguise of Source/Friends about the bad character of Charles Saatchi, to ‘work backwards’ and somehow justify and create a type of logic around the so-called ‘abuse pictures’. ‘Charles would never eat Nigella’s cooking’ appeared. ‘Charles hated Nigella’s son Bruno’ appeared in the Mirror. ‘The throttling was because Charles sacked Nigella’s closest aides Francesca and Elizabetta Grillo’ appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

Nigella Lawson and Mark Hutchinson had a prior agreement with the paparazzi Jean Paul (real name Joe Sene) that his fantastical version of events would not be questioned by the pair.

Sene got to use his unquestioned “abuse story” which helped sell his pictures worldwide for big bucks rather than the truth, that “Nigella Lawson was off her head on drugs”. To accompany his pictures, Sene wrote a self by-lined article (23rd June 2013) describing how he witnessed ‘27 minutes of madness…. That’s how long the abuse lasted from start to finish’ and ‘It happened in public so it is so worrying to think about what might happen at home where nobody else can see’. However, analysis by The Sun newspaper of time sequenced photographs from Sene shows that was simply not the case. There was no 27 minutes of sustained attack. This was a total lie.

Nigella Lawson must come clean and admit the truth to the world that the ‘Domestic Abuse Goddess’ act is a cover-up for a more career and family shattering scenario that she has a serious drugs problem.

Drugs destroy families.

This, quite bluntly, is one of those sorry stories.

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