Tuesday, 23 July 2013


PR guru Richard Hillgrove
Charles Saatchi gave Nigella Lawson a "publicity pay off" rather than make any cash settlement for a divorce.

“Mr. Saatchi, who signed a pre-nup, was willing to humiliate himself in a global 'domestic abuse' scandal rather than settle any cash payment at the time of divorce”, says Hillgrove who has represented the PR for Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Simon Woodroffe OBE and James Caan.

“The notion that a paparazzi photographer would be allowed to stick a camera lens  through the window of Scotts of Mayfair for over 30 minutes and photograph a 'domestic attack' made in full light of day with passing waiters, management and customers is preposterous,” says Hillgrove.

“Nigella Lawson was perfectly made up and perfectly in view of the pre-arranged camera”.

“Mr. Saatchi was well aware of the camera and also that he needed to stage something akin to Sir Anthony Hopkins in 'Silence of the Lambs' to gain media traction”.

“No one, whether a wife abuser or not, would engage is such prolonged, theatrical assault in public unless playing to an audience”, says Hillgrove.

“The result was a 'publicity gift' for Ms. Lawson, who is promoting her TV series in America”.

“The scenes of the predatory monster are virtually comical”.

“Mr. Saatchi countered the potential reputation damage with juxtaposing messages and statements to limit the damage post PR-sting”.

“Ms. Lawson had nothing to say afterwards because she didn't wish to give the game away as opposed to being petrified and in hiding. Far from it”.

Backmasking PR attempts such as "I was getting snot from her nose … I wanted to fish it out" are pure genius as is the statement from Saatchi stating that "obviously I'm not enough for her".

This creates a paralysis in the media with the overall publicity effect being achieved, but no one ultimately knowing what to think nor who to blame.

Soon-to-be-divorced Nigella Lawson is to bring her US hit cookery contest ‘The Taste’ to the UK.

The chef and presenter will return to Channel 4 for the first time in a decade, with her shows appearing on BBC2 since 2006.