Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Richard Hillgrove's Published Tweets Apr2012 -Prt3

 to be washed out in rain?! England witnesses the  April this time!

Many parents said to have second thoughts after naming their child. It's the age of 
 & makeups. Change is the new mantra!

Media mogul 
 drags big names like  and  at the Leveson Inquiry.The power play at the high echelons of power revealed!

 parking at airports in  without advance booking end up paying triple the amount for a week. Plan well before you go!

 claims they copied the technology of downed . Commonsense says if they copied US drone then they would have kept it a secret!

 loses first round; to face Hollande on May 6 runoff.  has the power to influence the economic future of .

Unprecedented arrangements made for 
-doping operation for the  20212. Say 'NO' to drugs!

The web &social media started increasingly influencing voters. It's vividly so in the coming 
. A Follow on Twitter = a vote?!

The dry continent of 
#Africa is said to be sitting on a vast reservoir of groundwater. Lucky guys. In 2050, water will be costlier than oil!

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