Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Richard Hillgrove's Published Tweets Apr2012 -Prt1

What's your opinion about ' new comedy ? - Can  be a subject for comedy?! I feel it's cruel ...

 cracks down on 'rumours', removes 210,000 online posts, closes 42 . The struggles for existence for a  regime!

Report: "70,000 newborns in Nigeria are 
 +ve." Leave aside research on weapons of mass destruction for a while and concentrate on HIV & !

, how do you feel after  displays are banned in the UK supermarkets? Does the 'out of sight, out of mind', principle work?

 suspends campaign (10Apr) but made no mention of . It's a matter of concern for Romney as conservative voters still not favour him. 

UK researchers say medical implants like insulin pumps or 
 are vulnerable to  - Seems like a  thriller!

Facebook to buy Instagram for $1bn. 
's photo filtering and sharing capability expected to give a facelift for . Facebook's strategic move can be viewed as the modern-day tactic of annihilating a possible competitor. 

Over 250,000 Americans to visit the UK for the 
. There could be interesting collission between US and !

 will be drinking beer in the latest Bond movie . Is it a big issue if Bond drops a life time habit of drinking martinis?

"Vanilla may push up costs of 
".  who are ice cream lovers can take this opportunity to say no to ice creams!

 becomes world's highest and longest". After the  , now comes the big bridge;  is aiming big!

Coworkers not happy with U.S. mega-jackpot winner who didn't share the money with them as promised! "Money, money, money Must be funny...."

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