Wednesday, 6 February 2013

‘Shard' Needs a Lot Better PR

Standing 1,016ft (310 metres) high, London’s Shard, the 95-storey building, is the tallest building in the EU. It has made Londoners proud and they love it. But, as economic recession crept in, some people started criticising the pompousness and wastage of money in the making of skyscrapers.
The Italian architect of Shard, Renzo Piano, on 5 Feb, 2013 got battered by a string of gripes on BBC Hardtalk. In a conversation with BBC’s Sarah Montague, Mr Piano talked about his thoughts about the skyscraper. He said he always felt insecure about his work despite being a successful architect.

However, Richard Hillgrove - PR consultant and corporate brand promoter in the UK, and owner of Hillgrove PR, London – remarked that negativity only makes bad things happen, and cynicism doesn't help anyone at all. He said that even though Shard was commissioned pre recession, symbolically it can steer the country out of the gloom.

Mr. Hillgrove emphasized that Shard should remain proud and tall. It can set the UK and its citizens on stage for the world.

We, at Hillgrove PR, feel the power and hope in Richard Hillgrove’s words, which are essential for building a strong image for a person or brand. Thus, Hillgrove PR asserts that Shard now needs a lot better PR. 

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