Monday, 4 March 2013

Hillgrove PR Supports the View that Twitter is a Robust Social PR Platform

Twitter is a PR medium not an advertising one, remarks WPP Group Chief Executive Sir Martin Sorrell. 

What Sorrel says is important as marketing people don’t use Twitter as a popular advertising platform. Twitter has recently launched its advertising API, but still lacks space for creative advertising communication because of the number of characters limitation on tweets. 

The problem with Twitter is that it lacks depth as far as an advertising campaign is concerned. Twitter hopes to overcome this drawback by the newly launched advertising API, by which it hopes to woo more advertisers into the Twitter world. But, we will have to wait and watch what happens there. 

However, as the No.1 public relations company in the UK, Hillgrove PR thinks Twitter is the best place, the best social media hotspot, for better PR communication. We saw it at the time of London Olympics 2012. Twitter gained much popularity than Facebook and even Google during the Olympics time when tweets by sports personalities got wide spread public attention through re-tweeting and debates. 

Hillgrove PR’s marketing studies found out that busy personalities had just glanced through the day’s tweets to have a quick feeling of the Olympic Games. 

Great communicators and brand promoters like Richard Hillgrove take the restriction in the number of characters in a tweet as a positive challenge. That is why they write very clever tweets that are discussed everywhere, not only in the PR world, for a long time. Twitter is the best place for creating a buzz, and it’s very valuable in the PR sector. 

This way the experts at Hillgrove PR prove that Twitter is an effective branding medium, even if it doesn't establish well as an advertising tool. And to this instance, it is good to look at the latest CMO (U.S.) survey which says Social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will more than double over the next five years.

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